Upholstery Cleaning

We can safely & hygienically clean all your mattresses.

Leather Cleaning & Protection

We can clean AND Protect all finished leather

We also Clean And Protect Upholstery!

We offer all kinds of cleaning for upholstery, although most fabrics can be cleaned by water based method some fabrics can only be dry cleaned.

Water based method...
The water based method we offer is the most effective of any cleaning as it is: - Pre-vacuumed with a Hepa Filtration vacuum, this removes all loose debris and soiling.

: - Specialist pre-spotting for all difficult to move stains. We will carry out specialist stain removal techniques on stains which are particular concerns to you.

: - Heavy Duty Pre-washed, this emulsifies the soiling so the oily dirt and pollutants can be easily extracted by clean warm water.

:- Extraction Process, this is where the soiling is extracted out and the material is rinsed with our high powered truck mounted machine which produces a huge vacuum leaving your furnishings as dry as possible.

:- We can also apply our water based Anti-dust mite soil protection after cleaning to help keep your furnishings looking cleaner for longer and easier for you to maintain.

: - Rapid Dry System, we will use our special drying equipment to help reduce the drying times. So you can use your furnishings quicker.

We also offer...

Dry Cleaning...

The dry cleaning method is used when water based products can not be used on the fabric such as Cotton Velvet, using a solvent to clean the fabric will prevent the pile from crushing and distorting causing permanent damage to your furniture. It is important to recognise and test the fabric before cleaning begins so you know exactly which method to use.

Leather Cleaning...

The leather is cleaned by hand, we wipe a product on the leather to loosen the soiling then we use small brushes to release the ingrained dirt. The leather is then neutralised after cleaning, although this is a long process it's the only way to achieve the best results.

After the leather has dried we feed it using Hyde cream, this puts the softness back into the leather and prevents it from cracking. Finally we re-dress the leather seals the leather and makes it easier to maintain with future use.

Leather Re-Colouring.

If your leather is scuffed, permanently marked or is just looking tired we can re-colour the leather after cleaning.

This brings the leather back to an almost brand new appearance.

We offer this service for leather furniture and car upholstery.