Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a beautiful feature for a room at Big Yellow cleaning we recognise how precious, or even priceless they are to you. We have a wealth of experience in cleaning rugs made up of various materials; most commonly wool and synthetic, but also more delicate materials such as viscose and silk. Our refined skill and state-of-the -art equipment enables us to provide your rug with a thorough deep-clean, thus restoring its rightful illustrious being.

In most cases rug cleaning is carried out on site, allowing them to be used again quickly. However, depending on what solution we decide is required to return your rug to its former glory, off site cleaning is sometimes necessary. For example, long pile rugs would require speed drying to avoid bad odours and potential damage as a result of residual damp. We would always consult you about this before any decision is made.

If you are interested in having your rug cleaned, we will discuss your requirements with you and highlight what can and possible cannot be achieved from cleaning. As rugs are a feature in many rooms that drawers the eye we would recommend that they be protected by spillages, particularly if they are deep pile woollen rugs. You can read about the advantages on our soil protection page to find out more if this may be something that interests you.

Call us on 01582 418777 for more information about our services in rug cleaning and soil protection.