Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Maintenance
Maintenance of Amtico Flooring, Karndean Flooring and Marmoleum Flooring. Although these floors are very durable they are an expensive investment so you do need to keep up to date with the protective dressings on them, it is the dressing that takes the wear from traffic. If the dressing has become worn then the tile itself will be taking the wear which will leave a dull and tired look.

We offer a service where we strip, rinse and re-dress these types of Floorings using the correct method and latest equipment.

We 1st start by stripping the old dressing right back to the bare tile with the recommended Scotch-Brite pads and then rinse thoroughly leaving the flooring free from dirt and debris.

After the flooring has been dried using turbo driers we then apply 2 coats of dressing which dries as a satin finish. This brings your flooring back to a fabulous bright and clean condition and helps you maintain the floor so much easier as the dirt will stick to the dressing and not the tile.

We recommend this process should be carried out on average every 18-24 months depending on traffic.

Stone Flooring
We also offer the cleaning and sealing of stone floorings. These are scrubbed with a rotary machine and rinsed with a hot water extraction machine using high temperatures to remove dirt and grease. After all the dirt has been remove from the tile and the grout it is then dried using a turbo drier. We then apply a tile and grout sealant; this may be repeated several times depending on what type of flooring as some stones are more absorbent than others. The sealant fills the pores of the stone helping you to keep your flooring cleaner and fresher for longer.